COB logistics ( a well know term: Clear on Board) is an Israel's company which offers a range of logistics solutions such as import & export services, various logistic services and worldwide international shipping.
COB Logistics specializes in providing support and guidance for companies seeking solutions in the filed of international shipping, reducing import costs, retroactive rebates, import and export procedures, improving overall performances of the shipping process by improving corporate profitability.
In addition to the above, COB provides tailor made outsourcing services, such as ex-im process management, staff placement, packaging, etc.
COB logistics is well equipped with knowledge, experience, skills and proven business records and above all personal and established relations with market leaders that give you the relevant information and necessary tools to leverage the success of your business immediately.
Our business portfolio includes companies from various sectors, such as high-tech companies, finance, defense, electronics, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, industrial raw materials, solar energy, machinery, automotive, fashion, textile and footwear, cosmetics, commodities, food and more.
The founder of COB, Mr. Shay Avshalom Hayoot, is considered to be one of the most promising logistics leaders in the merging world of global shipping.



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